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Buddy on the Blanket

The Last Steps

step four of cat drawingI rearranged the blanket folds under his tail and back to make the composition better. I got rid of a dark fold and minimized the line that went under his tail so it wouldn't be distracting. Then I added enough detail to make the blankets look like they were cradling him.

The plate finish Bristol board I was working on had a very slick surface and creating soft, blurred edges was challenging. His black mask was a little troublesome, too, because the edges had to be precise and very dark. The whiskers were very delicate and thin and I drew them with short strokes made at right angles to their lines to give them a slightly soft effect.

step five of drawingSometimes thebest way to "draw" a tiny detail is to "dot" it in with a hard pencil, and I drew his nostrils with that technique.

step six of drawingBefore I started to darken his back to its full dark value, I made sure all the other details were done.

I created the dark values on his back by making several layers of close hatching at right angles to each other.

This is the finished piece. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

I'm glad I took the time to draw my sweet cat Buddy because a good drawing is so much more expressive and beautiful than a photo.

final step of drawing

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