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Line Drawing - Part 3

ink line drawing - Hollyhock

Listen To What The Drawing Suggests

Let yourself be open to what you feel the image needs next, and try not to be critical when an idea is first "budding." Ideas are tender at that stage and need lots of care.

I drew this version of the drawing with a fine tipped black ink pen. This hard edged look has no lines fading into the background to give it depth, and all the lines are exactly the same width too. This drawing is now all about sharp clear line encircling interesting shapes.

  • To get a black crisp line, put another piece of tracing paper over the drawing and go over the lines with a pen. This sounds easy but takes some practice to do well. It's common for the pen to slip near the end of a drawing when your hand gets tired, so take a break now and then.
  • Another ink drawing tip is to end each section of the line at an intersection with another line. For example, where a stem line touches a leaf line. This helps hide the little blobs of ink that sometimes appear at the beginning and ends of lines.

Colored pencil line drawing - Hollyhock


This Hollyhock had shocking red blooms and asked politely for a color version of itself.

  • I scanned my drawing and used an image editing program to colorize the lines because that makes an especially delicate looking and colorful line.
  • You could trace over the line drawing on another piece of tracing paper with sharp colored pencils or pens too.


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