Miniature drawings by Carol Rosinski
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Small scale art of a silver seabright hen with chicks

Alice With Chicks

This is my small Silver Seabright hen, Alice, with the first chicks she ever raised. They aren't really her "own" chicks. She had been sitting on a clutch of eggs that wouldn't hatch when I went to a poultry show and impulsively bought three newly hatched Barred Rock chicks for her to raise.

I wasn't sure if she would accept them or how to introduce them to her, but decided the least intrusive way was to remove the eggs and replace them with the chicks at the same time. So, I hid a chick in the palm of my hand and I placed it under her while I removed an egg. When the new little chicks had replaced all the eggs, I stood back and let Alice take over.

As soon as she heard their peeps she responded with motherly clucks. Never having had a mother before, the chicks were a little confused but Alice used her beak and wing tips to gently push them back under her when ever they tried to get away. Within an hour, they had completely bonded with Alice and she with them. She raised them until they were larger than her and then she dutifully cut the apron strings.

I have always drawn what I love. What I see around me as I move though life has always been my inspiration. This drawing appears in the book I've written called Drawing Made Easy: Getting Started which was also a work of great love and devotion to my art and to life.

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