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minature art of a tuxedo cat
Miniature art of a black horse
Walnuts and Amaretto drawing
miniature realistic fog and trees
miniature art of two doves
miniature fantasy art of a fairy
miniature realistic fog and trees
miniature fantasy art of two enchanted leaves
Miniature art of a Silver Seabright hen
minature art of a tiger cat
Miniature art of a hen with chicks

I've always made small or miniature art.

To create my artwork, I work with very sharp leads with the paper held about six inches from the end of my nose. I don't use a magnifying glass.

I'm comfortable working like this and it seems to be what I'm made to do. I draw every detail of the scene in miniature and each piece I make has many hours of work in it. I enjoy creating each drawing very much.

Carol Rosinski
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