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Free Art Supply Catalogs, Online Art Stores, Manufacturers, and Distributors

Order free art supply catalogs, shop for art supplies online, ask technical questions to manufacturers, ask for samples, and find ideas for new art projects from these companies.

Free Art Supply Catalogs

  • Dick Blick has tons of art supplies with quick delivery. I've been ordering from them for over twenty years.
  • Jerry's Artarama Lots and lots of art supplies but their website is poorly organized. It's really hard to find what you're looking for, but they do have good prices.
  • Utrecht Art Supplies - They have a good selection of art supplies and a good drawing selection, too.
  • Daniel Smith - A good drawing section and some unique products.

    Online Art Stores Without Catalogs

    If you shop around and compare prices, many times you'll be able to offset the cost of shipping with discounts and sale price reductions.

  • - Have fun, don't freak out over all that incredible paper, and remember to ask for samples.
  • ASW (Art Supply Warehouse) This is a wholesale club for art supplies. I don't know it it's worth the yearly cost or not. If you're a member, let me know what you think.
  • Flax Art and Design
  • - They've always had a great drawing section, but they don't have a catalog anymore. They do have an sales-email sign up, which would at least keep them on your radar for those times when you're hunting for that hard to find and indispensable drawing tool that you've just broken.

Art Supply Manufacturers and Distributors

Many of these websites have free art projects, technical information and FAQs about their products, free samples, and contests to enter. The manufacturers usually have very responsive public relations departments which can answer all your questions about their products quickly.

Unfortunately, several of them have an unhealthy addiction to flash videos on the home page. They are worth exploring, so make a cup a chamomile tea to calm your nerves first, and then click on, brave one, click on.

  • Sanford - Flash movies out the wazoo on the front page, so be prepared to wait a long time for this one to load.
  • Strathmore - Oh, Strathmore, I do love ya so, but you break my heart every time I come to visit. This website has a devastating long load time. However, if you've ever been confused by their multitude of paper types, by their 300's & 400's & 500's series, this is the place you seek. Good luck to you, ma chérie.

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