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Carol Rosinski - Author and Artist

Carol Rosinski

Artist and Author

I have always drawn!

I remember picking up a pencil at a very young age and trying to capture the scenes I saw around me.

I tried my hand in a variety of media through high school and college. I settled on sculpture for a period and then worked in jewelry for eight years, but then my muse brought me back to drawing. Since 1990 I have worked almost exclusively with graphite pencil drawing.


I have developed a substantial portfolio, part of which can be viewed in my Gallery. My work is sold in galleries, I have done freelance illustration work, and I've written a book about drawing called Drawing Made Easy: Getting Started. In addition, I have created a series of self paced drawing lessons, also available at this web site since 1999.

I live in Michigan with my husband and four cats where I'm inspired by the lovely woods and meadows which surround us and by all the creatures who live in them.


Carol Rosinski
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Drawing Made Easy, Getting Started by Carol Rosinski
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