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How To Draw Simple Flowers

Draw around a coin

To draw a four petal flower as seen from the top, lightly draw around a large coin (I used a quarter) and then make two crossed lines that divide the circle into four sections.

draw petals

Draw petals around each quarter as I have done.

Finish by erasing the circle and crossed lines, and then add few dots with the tip of the pencil to create stamens at the center of the flower.

draw angled oval

Draw the same flower as seen from a side angle. Draw an oval and add crossed lines as before.

draw angles petals

When you draw petals around these quarter lines, two of them will be shorter and they represent the foreshortening of the petals that come closest to and farthest away from the viewer.

draw petals with depth

The flowers you just drew were both flat and the petals of most flowers angle up. To draw angled petals, draw the same oval again but mark a lower center point with the pencil tip and then connect the quarter lines to it. (It will look as though you've pressed the middle of the lines downward with your fingertip.)

draw petals with more depth

To draw a flower with longer petals, move the center mark outside of the oval.

A flower drawn this way has depth and three dimensionality, as you can see when the petals are added.

Use this technique to sketch a wild flower.

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