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Draw Your Coffee Mug

A Step by Step Draw Along

Having a lazy Sunday morning? Have some time to fill at work? Here's a productive idea -- draw your coffee mug! This step by step draw along lesson shows you how.


  • Pencil (HB or "writing" grade)
  • Sheet of paper
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Rectangular vinyl eraser
  • Coffee mug (Don't use your own if you'll want to take a drink out of it in the next half hour!)

draw your coffee mug step oneStep One
Draw The Mug's Shape

  • Brace the drawing paper at an angle. (Or the drawing will be distorted.)
  • With your pencil in overhand grip, draw big loose lines with the side of the pencil until you see the right proportions appear. The thick lines created by the side of the pencil help you find the shape quickly and they erase easily too.
  • You can't draw it right until you've drawn it wrong! So, make lots of wrong lines, compare them to reality, and then draw lines that are closer to the truth.

draw your coffee mug step twoStep Two
Refine the Shape

  • After you've made a lot of experimental lines, start to sharpen and define the lines that look most like the mug.
  • The top and bottom curves will be the same even if the top and bottom of the mug are different sizes.
  • The top opening will be an oval. The corners will be rounded instead of pointed unless your viewing angle is very low.
  • Add the handle after the sides are drawn
    • Note how far from the edges it joins the cup.
    • Look for and draw any space between the inside of the handle and the mug's edge.

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