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Draw Your Coffee Mug Part Two

 draw your coffee mug step threeStep Three
Lighten The Line

  • Use one corner of the vinyl eraser to erase the lines that don't belong.
  • If the final lines are darker than the mug, use a kneaded eraser to lighten them.
    • Form the eraser into a rounded shape and tap and roll it over lines.

step by step draw along - step fourStep Four
Hatch The Mug

  • Fill the mug with light hatching.
  • Make the hatching look as smooth and even as you can.

step by step draw along - step fiveStep Five
Shadows And Highlights

  • Now look for obvious shadows and hatch them until they darken.
  • To get the darkness right, compare each area to the other parts of the mug as you hatch.
  • The shadow shapes are like a jigsaw puzzle with hard and soft edges, so draw them as you see them.
    • Hard shadow edges end abruptly.
    • Soft shadow edges end gradually and blend into the next area.
  • There will be a lot of reflections inside the lip. Shade "around" the most obvious ones.

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