Toad Hollow Studio's Drawing Tutorials And Classes by Carol Rosinski
  1. sketch lineThumb and pencil measure height and width.
  2. Eye on subject and side of pencil on paper.
  3. Quick, fast, let your pencil find the form.
  4. Feel your way around the shape.
  5. No one else knows what this looks like, so let yourself off the hook and draw!
  • Sketch shadows and highlightsSquint eyes to see shadows, darkest, lightest, and in-between.
  • Sharp edges and soft edges, find the shadows where they play.
  • Be messy!
  • See local color but don't let it fool you.
  • Don't worry about highlights yet.
  • sketch detailsNow refine!
  • Pencil tip to the paper and don't be afraid of black! (There's always more paper and another day.)
  • Kneaded eraser is your friend.
  • Stroke, poke, swipe, and tap.
  • Don't forget the cast shadow, something to sit on.
  • A quick clean-up and you're done.
  • (Not too much. It's ok to leave maker's marks today.)

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