The Advantage of Drawing Slowly

There is a lot of pressure, in this society, to do things quickly. Some drawing, though, takes as long as it takes and cannot be rushed. It is an honor to slowly bring such art into the world. There is value in lingering lovingly over the rendering of a shadow. A shadow, drawn just right, can make a drawing jump off the paper and into the viewer’s mind. There is good reason in tenderly taking the time to create a texture just so. Such texture can stroke the art lover’s fingertips.

As I look out my window, there is a morning star shining brightly in the darker blue of the dawning sky. It would be a sin to draw its solitary beauty quickly and harshly when it is so clearly speaking of gentle new beginnings.

Peace my friends,

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I’m an artist, author, and teaching artist. I’ve been writing about drawing on this website since 1999 and drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I love teaching others how to draw too.

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  1. martin choi says:

    your drawing tutorials are my favorite,making me feel at my old days at 3rd grade,with a teacher explaining the little,important,forgetted details of the subject.
    *sorry if bad english,i am brazilian and not much people at alagoas say it decent*

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