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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been trying to finish one small drawing a day for a month. I’ve been doing that but have had to bend the "rules" a few times. One day I was so busy that I kept putting off my drawing time until I forgot about it completely and, today, I’m working on a little drawing that’s going to take two days to finish. I’ve committed to drawing everyday for a month lots of times in my life and it has always given me huge rewards. For one thing, a daily drawing commitment makes room for drawing in my life when things have gotten too hectic and my artwork is getting short changed.

I think we can all agree that drawing everyday sounds like a good idea but actually doing it can be challenging. Being very flexible with the idea has always been the best approach for me. Drawing is a relaxing and meditative thing to do and making that time stressful by attaching a lot of rules to it goes against the flow. I hang on loosely to the idea of drawing everyday and guide myself in that direction rather than forcing.

Here are a few of the successful variations of the idea that I’ve tried. Maybe they will work for you, too.

1.    I will commit to drawing something everyday even if it is only a tiny line drawing that takes a few seconds to draw.
2.    I will commit to drawing for ten minutes a day. After that time, I can continue or stop.
3.    I will draw everyday at a certain time of the day.
4.    If I miss a day, I can make it up by drawing two drawings the next day.
5.    I don’t have to finish a drawing if I don’t want to.
6.    I can "continue" a drawing the next day if I want to.

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