The Nude Kiss

The Nude Kiss

The Nude Kiss

Drawing both the foil wrapper on the “Kiss” and the crushed wrapper to the right were the most difficult parts of this small drawing! I almost bit off more that I could chew … LOL! On the Kiss with foil, there was an underlying shadow pattern that I had to “see” below all those harsh highlights. The wadded wrapper was pretty much a mess of bright highlights and dark shadows … all very tiny!

To create the foil covered Kiss, I drew the underlying shadow pattern first … what I could see of it anyway. Then I used a battery-powered eraser to take out all the highlights, paying no attention to subtle values. Next, I used a hard pencil tip to shape some of the erased highlights into more realistic looking patterns. Then I used a tiny brush to add subtle value back to some of the highlight areas.

To draw the crushed foil wrapper, I did my best to see and draw its tiny patterns of light and dark. The unwrapped Kiss was easy compared to the other two! I just filled it in paying attention to how the shadows fell on it … and then I removed its main highlight with a kneaded eraser.

Sometimes, small drawings can be a big headache!

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