Drawing in Process – Flowerpot Part Three

Flower Pot With Seed Packet With More Detail

Flower Pot With Seed Packet With More Detail

As you can see, this drawing is coming along very slowly. This week was so busy for me that I just didn’t have many chances to work on it. It was very nice, though, to have a drawing I could pick up and work on whenever I did have a chance.

I worked on the inside of the pot at the top a little and I added texture to the spilled dirt. The texture gave the dirt a nice three dimensional look that I like very much!

I have this drawing set up on a magnetic drawing board. I have the photo I’m working from and the drawing stuck in place with magnets. I make these little lightweight drawing boards out of foam board, metal flashing, and duct tape. I like them because the magnets keep everything together. I can easily put the whole board away in a drawer and I can just as easily get it back out to work on. The magnets also make it easy to take the drawing off so I scan it. I’ve written down the instructions about how to make a magnetic drawing board here, if you’re interested.

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