Obsessed Cats and Point Protectors

I keep a “blow-bulb” with my sketching tools. It’s about two inches across and has a nozzle that I can aim at eraser crumbs and poof them off the paper. Late last night, after I’d gone to bed, my cat placed the blow-bulb by my pillow with a loud purr that woke me up. You see, she loves the blow-bulb. After she steals it from my tray of tools, she bats it back and forth for a while and then carries it around by its nozzle. I think she considers it a ball with a handle.

She loves the bulb so much that I usually keep it hidden, but that didn’t stop her last night. This morning I found the tray knocked off a table and my tools scattered across the floor. Luckily, I’d put point protectors on all of the pencils and I’m happy to report that only three popped off out of twelve. So … LOL … I’d like to add to my previous review of point protectors that they perform reasonably well up to a height of about three feet!

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