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My box of goodies from Dick Blick is here! I ordered these little things called “Sav-A-Points” and I wish I had ordered two packages of them instead of just one. As you can see, they’re plastic point protectors. I HATE it when I reach for a pencil and the point is broken off! (I work with very sharp leads most of the time, so this may be more important to me than it is to you.) My pencils get toted all around the house, banging into each other and breaking off their points as they go. Occasionally, I’ll catch one of my cats (she knows who I’m speaking of) pawing through my tools, too. The point is (sorry,) I need point protectors!

These are made for wooden pencils but I can snug them up over the points of my mechanical pencils and they stay put. They’re made of clear plastic and DO look like they are going to be easy to lose.

Here’s the Dick Blick link:


These are cheap … get two packages! (And they throw in a handy little sharpener, too.)

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