New Drawing and Sketching Lessons

Sketched Yarn Ball

Sketched Yarn Ball

Toad Hollow Studio has been updated! I’ve added links at the top right of this page so that you will be able to travel back and forth between the sites more easily. I’d like to announce two new drawing and/or sketching lessons that are now available at Toad Hollow! The first is called “Sketch from Life: Draw a Yarn Ball” and it’s a one page “drawing from life” lesson. The second is called “Creating realistic, three dimensional form with value (or shading.)” or “Drawing Modeled Form with Value” for short. :)

I hope that both these lessons inspire you to draw from life more. Drawing from life is the best way to learn how to draw three dimensional form. Working from photos is okay, I do it and so do most other artists, but photos flatten the scene for you. Drawing from life is a little different; you have to interpret what you see in your own way and that’s one of the basic building blocks of art.

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