Shiny Ornament Drawing in Six Steps – Steps 5 and 6

Ornament Step Five

Ornament Step Five

In this step, I hatched in the darkest values of each area like this:

  • On the top of the ornament, the edges were the darkest part and that dark value graduated to a lighter one near the center top. There were some dark reflections in this area that I hatched in, too.
  • The middle section was darker near the edges, too, and graduated to a lighter value near the middle. I added the reflection of the hook, curving it a little to make follow the form of the ball.
  • The bottom area was darkest near the edges, too.
  • The cap had some very dark areas on both sides, down the middle, and where it met the ball.
  • The shadow cast by the ornament was darkest near the ball’s bottom edge. There was a secondary shadow between the ball and the cap that I hatched in. I darkened the hook and added a cast shadow underneath it.
Ornament Step Six

Ornament Step Six

To finish the shiny ornament, I added the highlight details as follows:

  • I used a kneaded eraser pinched into a point to lift out the next to the brightest highlights on the ornament’s top. Then I used my battery powered eraser to lift out the brightest highlights. Because erasers aren’t very exact, I used a sharp pencil to reshape the highlights.
  • I used my kneaded eraser to gently lift a soft highlight in the middle section of the ornament on the left side.
  • I used my battery powered eraser to tap out the little highlight reflections in the cap and added a thin loop at the top, too. I reshaped all those details with a sharp pencil and added a little value to them if they were too light.


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