My Messy House!

I think I hate routine! I’m mentally incapable of following one for very long. With all the art making that I love to do, I’ve been ignoring housework as often and as creatively as I could for a very long time. In other words, my house is a mess! I’ve been following the "Flylady" house cleaning plan ( and it’s really been working well. I’m seeing parts of the floor I haven’t seen in months! Sadly, though, at it’s core is a "routine" that you need to stick to or things start to "revert". Well, I fell off the wagon today. I played on the computer instead of getting up and starting my daily routine and that was the misstep that lead to shrugging off the entire daily routine. I wonder if there are any housework anonymous meetings I can attend? Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and a chance to start over. :) 

About Carol

I’m an artist, author, and teaching artist. I’ve been writing about drawing on this website since 1999 and drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I love teaching others how to draw too.

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