Computer Trouble!

I’ve had a horrible scare this week! I thought my big computer died!! (I call it my Big Mac.) Thank goodness it had just turned itself off because it was too hot. (The fan had been making a funny noise for a while.) Just in case, though, we turned it back on and did some back-ups of all the work I’ve been doing lately. I can’t believe how much work I do on the computer now! Not just writing and creating my drawing lessons, but I keep all my reference photos there, too. I do an awful lot of composing in Photoshop before I even touch a drawing anymore, and I’d hat to lose all the ideas I’m working on.

Right now, I’m working on a little twelve inch laptop (I call it my Little Mac) that I had originally set up for drawing. For some reason or another, it has a terrible internet connection although I’m using the same phone line. I suspect I’m going to miss a few more days of blogging, but I’ll be back at it soon.

Now I’m feeling really guilty for not backing up my work regularly. I hope I don’t become complacent about that again. I probably will, though. :)

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