Finding a New Gallery

I haven’t put any of my work into a gallery for quite a while now. It’s been stacking up in a drawer. I’ve never been enthusiastic about selling my work through galleries. There are too many people involved and I’m a bit shy, so the process is very uncomfortable to me.

People can see my work on the website, but there is something missing when you view a drawing via computer screen. Some of the magic is gone. There is a felt sense that is not captured by the pixels. Depth, subtle value transitions, the texture of the paper, the physical presence of the piece, are not completely present on a screen.

I’m such a hermit! I could live in our small house and draw and draw and draw and never leave here. But, the drawings need to leave here. They need to be released into the world. So, I’ll put on my shoes and go out and find a new gallery. Now, where did I put my shoes …

About Carol

I'm an artist, an accidental author, and lover of life. I grew up in Yorktown, Indiana, and I've been writing (and drawing) this website since 1999.
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