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Simplified Texture Technique

Simplified Texture Technique

Some textures can be absolutely horrifying to even contemplate drawing! Honestly, a field of weeds can send an artist into shock if they’re not prepared.

The secret to drawing complicated textures sanely is to break them down into steps. Here’s how.

  1. Start in one small area and lay down a mid tone.
  2. Lay in the large shadow areas.
  3. Erase the large highlight areas.
  4. Add the smaller shadow areas.
  5. And erase the smaller highlight areas.

Here are the drawn steps.

Sneak up on those textures one step at a time! Don’t let ‘em scare you. I even write down which pencil or eraser I use for each step. That makes the whole process a little easier to tackle on the next go ‘round.

Layered Texture

Layered Texture

More about my “layered” texture technique.

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