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Molly In The Window Photo

Molly In The Window Photo

I’m getting ready to begin a new drawing using this fairly awful photo of my cat Molly. The shadows are completely black in this version, but I’m able to pull some detail out of them by manipulating “curves” in Photoshop. If all else fails, I’ll have to get Molly to pose for me again. (And let me tell you, that’s way more easier said than done!)

My main obstacle in getting started on this small piece, I’ll draw it at about the size you see it here, is that I’m out of the habit of drawing every morning! I was setting aside some time every morning for drawing over the winter, but got off track when I had to shift gears and throw myself into creating a new drawing lesson. Somehow my personal drawing time got lost in the shuffle.

I’m not a schedule freak, and tend to think they’re made to be broken, but they sure do help me get things done. Housework, exercising, and my precious personal art time all flourish under the influence of reasonably managed time. Tonight I’ll get all the little pre-drawing steps done so I can easily step back into my old drawing schedule tomorrow morning.

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