Moving To Buchanan, Michigan

When a fork in the river comes along, sometimes you’ve just got to point your boat at it and see where it takes you. I won’t go into all the details but the river forked, my husband I took that new direction, and all of a sudden we find ourselves moving to Buchanan, Michigan.

Buchanan is about 30 miles from where we live now and we’re in the  middle of  sorting through, throwing out, packing up, and moving twenty years worth of “stuff” one carload at a time.

Most of my drawing supplies are already there, but I am keeping some sketching supplies in my big “Movin’ On” bag which has become a portable office. My art is taking a backseat while I coordinate this move, and that’s ok because this whole process gives my creativity plenty of exercise.

I need to do less so that I can do more.

I’m taking this time to change a few other things too. I’ve turned off drawing class registrations until Autumn, closed my online drawing club, and designed a new look for this site that I’m working on bringing online between packing and toting sessions. If you’re a creative, you know how difficult it is to let go of projects and I really struggled with these decisions. It turned out to be exactly the right time to let go though, because I need all that energy to navigate these new waters.

Take Away: Trust the Muse

As things stand right now, I’m very busy, very stressed, very tired, very happy, very much in the flow, and that odd mix of emotions keeps me moving along at a quick pace.  After all these years though, I know I can trust the Muse when she points out a new direction. Although I miss having time to make my art and write about drawing, I’ll get back to it with re-focused energy after we’re re-rooted in our new home.

To All My Friends From The Drawing Club

I miss you all very much and I hope our pencils cross again someday.

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I'm an artist, author, and teaching artist. I've been writing about drawing on this website since 1999 and drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I love teaching others how to draw too.
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