Graphite With Pitt Pens

Graphite & Pitt Pens Test

Graphite & Pitt Pens Test

This started out as a doodle and ended up as a Prehistoric Chicken. (That’s my closest guess about what it is.)

Anyway, I decided to experiment by using Pitt Pens along with my usual graphite. I’d tried this before and had some success, and this time it went a little smoother.

I used Warm Grey III 272, Warm Grey IV 273, and Warm Grey V 274. They come in the “Shades of Gray,” brush tip 6 pack by  Faber-Castell. That pack comes with three cool grays too, but I think the warm grays look better with graphite. I might use the cool gray pens in my next experiment though.

I used the pens to fill in the comb on top of his head, the feather / scales down his neck, every other band around his beak, and on some of the leaves. Where the ink shows through the graphite, you can see a slight yellow tint. I think that yellow-ish tint is fascinating and I want to play with it some more!

I didn’t convert the scan to gray scale so you can (hopefully) see the tint, or at least get an idea of what I’m talking about. (Click the image for a larger version.)

When an inked area was dry, I covered it with pencil hatching to blend it in, but the edges of the ink were challenging to cover completely.

Lessons learned:

  1. Use pens in areas that are going to be “hard’ edged or are enclosed by a line.
  2. The yellow tint adds extra interest to the drawing.
  3. Graphite over the darkest pen makes a terrific deep black quickly, but there still is the edge problem.

My Next Experiment:

  1. How about mixing warm and cool greys with graphite?
  2. Would that give the drawing more depth, or just look awful?
  3. I need to invent some different techniques for blending the ink edges.

That’s my report from the Drawing Lab for this week. I’ll report more experiments as they develop. :)

Here are the pens at my favorite affiliate, Dick Blick:

Warm Grey V

Warm Grey IV

Warm Grey III

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2 Responses to Graphite With Pitt Pens

  1. Mike F says:

    love the chicken. i love to see doodles that have been expanded on. i was looking for peoples succes with blending ink with graphite and stumbled upon your picture. once again awesome imagination and technique.

    • Carol says:

      Thanks Mike, this is one of my favorite doodles gone wild. I’m still experimenting with Pitt pens and graphite and I think there are some excellent combination styles waiting to be discovered.

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