Inchworm – Pencil Drawing + Photoshop = Fun



I’m pretty excited about this little worm because I drew the beginning shape with a pencil and then I used Photoshop to add the pattern. I made the pattern in a kaleidoscope app that I love.

(Actually, I fall deeply in love with any kaleidoscope app I find, but don’t spread that around.)

Inchworm drawing with contrast pumped up to use is PS.

Inchworm drawing with contrast pumped up to use as shading in Photoshop.

(And while I’m talking to you in parentheses, I should mention that I’m not trying to be a great computer artist, and I don’t think I’ve discovered a secret PS technique either. I like to draw on my computer just because it’s fun, and I get to look through my embarrassingly large collection of kaleidoscope patterns too. It’s a win, win situation.)

Vector drawing with a bazillion handles to adjust.

Vector drawing with a bazillion handles to adjust.

So, I’ve been working with vector drawing programs and they’re great for simple shapes, but they don’t offer the freedom a pencil does. With a pencil I can draw inchworms or anything else that catches my fancy without creating a vector drawing that has a bazillion handles to adjust.

You can see that if I were an inchworm maker, I’d make them look like marbles strung together on a string. Also, I had a big turquoise marble with a pattern like this when I was a kid and using it here makes me feel united with the me I used to be. And that is fun.

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