Why Graphite Drawings Are Magical

Drawings Are Crystalline Structures

Drawings Are Crystalline Structures

I don’t have a pencil exercise for you this week because I know you’re all too busy with the holiday weekend, so here’s a New-age crystal-energy thought about drawing to ponder while eating potato salad.

An excitation of a nerve impulse caused by a change or event; a physical reaction to a specific stimulus or situation.

A person’s physical and mental power, typically as applied to a particular task or activity.

The rearrangement of genetic material, especially by crossing over in chromosomes or by the artificial joining of segments of DNA from different organisms.

Crystalline Structure

Here it is without the graphic:

Drawings are constructions built to hold idea and emotion.

They are not permanent residences.

They are frameworks that support recombinations of purpose and response.

Like a crystalline structure with many facets, each drawing contains recombinate energy shaped by the artist’s intent.

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  1. April says:

    Great story and blog. I truly enjoyed reading it. I hope Dot is settling in better for you now.

    • Carol says:

      Thanks April. Dot is settling in beautifully and she really does like cats! She’s slowly developing good relationships with all of them, and I thank the doggy gods for letting her join our family. :)

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