Corals drawing in process step 3 C. Rosinski

Corals Working #3 C. Rosinski

Corals Working #3

In my hurry to discover the best lighting for this drawing, I randomly chose two main branches of coral to work on, instead of starting methodically upward from the bottom layers. That left me with the problem of ‘working in’ a smaller branch between and ‘below’ those two. You can see that’s what I’ve done here, and how I struggled a bit with it.

However, I think my instincts were right, since I chose two mid-level coral branches to begin my shading on. Now I have the option of lightening and darkening those above and below to add more depth to the drawing.

This is the working version #3 of Corals, an imaginary drawing of the corals that exist in the reefs off the Isle of Carol. I’m using Grafwood pencils on Arches Hotpress watercolor paper to create this drawing.

C. Rosinski

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