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Pencil drawing tutorials and art by Carol Rosinski.

My website is devoted to drawing with graphite. Pencils are easy to work with, erasable, affordable, beautifully expressive, and I've been creating art with them for a long time.

When I started this website in 1999, I created a few drawing lessons just so I could talk about drawing and how I go about it. Soon after that, people began to kindly thank me for putting the tutorials online.

I was delighted to hear that others found my instructions helpful, and only needed a little encouragement to jump into sharing my love of drawing in a bigger way. And that's how this site came to be.

Besides tutorials, I review paper and pencils and the other tools that I use because there are so many to choose from, and some of them work much better than others.

Finding your way around.

If you get lost, just look up ↑. The navi links at the top of the page are always there.

What's New

Scribbled Ribbons - Did you know that doodles can teach you a lot about drawing technique? Scribble some ribbons and learn about realistic lighting at the same time.

PencilAndPaper App - My review of an iPod app that helps you draw from a grid.

Doodled Olives From Outer Space! (Unstuffed) - In spite of the possibility of universal collapse, here's how I created hollow spheres in space.


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