Origami Bookmark

bookmark_front.jpgOne of the things I love to do is incorporate my artwork into things I use daily. After all, I draw subjects that I love so it follows that I would like to have those images around me. I created this origami bookmark design several years ago so I could put different drawings on it. (It’s a popular give-away at my site.)

Here are some other homey suggestions for displaying your artwork:

  • Home made book covers
    Christmas cards
    Quilting squares
    Embroidery and cross hatch designs
    T-shirt transfers
    Upload your images to Zazzle.com or Cafepress.com and they will put them on any of their products for you.

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About Carol

I'm an artist, an accidental author, and lover of life. I grew up in Yorktown, Indiana, and I've been writing (and drawing) this website since 1999.
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