Three Grim Spring Drawings

Hello again my pretties,

I don’t know what it is about spring that turns my mind to unpleasant things, but no matter how hard I try to draw themes of life and beauty, they always turn out a little macabre.

Carnivorous Bulbs by C. Rosinski

Carnivorous Bulbs

For example, here is a drawing I just completed that I’m calling Carnivorous Bulbs.

Oh, it started out as a nice enough drawing of sprouting bulbs, but then I decided to show the struggle that the roots were going through to bring water and nutrients up to the bulbs. See how twisted and torqued they are with tension and mission?

Well, after I’d drawn the thing and stepped back to contemplate it, it seemed to me that the bulbs looked really very plump and satisfied. Full, you could say. Almost as if they’d been munching on, oh I don’t know, bugs maybe. And all that twisting and torquing might actually be the digestion process.

First Fingers of Spring by C. Rosinski

First Fingers of Spring

Here’s last years’s lovely doing. I call it The First Fingers of Spring. These charmers have knuckles and the suggestion of fingernails. And here we see the same twisted intestine-like root structure as in Carnivorous Bulbs. Consistancy!

Strugglers by C. Rosinski


From another delightfully verdant spring, my mind expressed these strugglers. As a matter of fact, I’ve just named this one Strugglers, and aren’t they? Poor little things growing on top of a pile of rocks. Their skinny roots sqeezing through and clinging on wherever they can. Hardly any water or soil to be found.

Well, I hope your pencils are busy. It looks like it’s going to be an enchanting spring!

Hugs and kisses to all, Carol



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