Draw Simple Flowers With Circles And Ovals As Guides

If you like to draw outside, or just like to draw flowers from your imagination, use circles and ovals to sketch flowers quickly and easily.

Draw A Circle And Divide C. Rosinski

To draw a four petal flower as seen from the top, lightly draw a circle, or draw around a large coin (I used a quarter), and then make crossed lines that divide the circle into four sections.

I made my drawing darker than it needs to be so you can see it better.

Flower Petals C. Rosinski

Draw petals around each quarter line as I have done.

Finish by erasing the circle and crossed lines, and then add few dots with the tip of the pencil to create stamens at the center of the flower.

Draw Oval And Divide C. Rosinski

To draw the same flower as seen from a side angle, draw an oval and add crossed lines as before.

Foreshortened Flower Petals C. Rosinski

When you draw petals around these quarter lines, the one that “comes at” you, will be especially short. That’s called ‘foreshortening.’

The petal on the opposite side is shortened too, since these two petals are on the same plane in the drawing.

Move Center For Angled Flower C. Rosinski

The flowers you just drew were flat and the petals of most flowers angle up. To draw this effect, you’re going to have to draw in three dimensions.

So, this time draw the same oval again, but make the center mark a little off to one side, and then connect the  quarter lines to it again.

After you draw the petals this time, the flower looks as though it drops downward in the center slightly. (This may be a little hard to visualize at this stage.)

Move Center Below Oval C. Rosinski

To increase this three dimensional effect, move the center mark below the oval.

Three Dimensional Flower C. Rosinski

As you can see when the petals are added, you can clearly see how the center of the flower drops below the center of the oval. The flower looks totally three dimensional.

Simple flower shapes C. Rosinski

These simple (and silly) flowers were drawn using the same idea of the circle with the dropped center point. Although I didn’t draw a circle and point first, it was firmly in my mind.

Daisy C. RosinskiYou can clearly see how the petals of this daisy I sketched point to the center of an oval shape. You can see part of the oval leftover on the petals.

The circle with the center point are only tools. You can use them when you need them, for placing flowers where you want them for example, and forget them when you want to invent your own world.

Here are a few simple supplies for a basic drawing kit. Enjoy!

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