How a Muse is like a Cat

This excerpt is from my drawing club. We were talking about how to deal with the great energy that creativity generates … and how it doesn’t always come when it’s convenient!

… here is a great story that may help you to understand the process of learning to work with your muse. One of my cats is almost uncontrollable at the Vet. He doesn’t scratch or bite but is just so squirmy that you can’t hold him in one position for the vet to take a look or give him his shots. Well, last time I took him in the vet said that the best way to hold a cat is by not holding! So we just put him on the table and I put a finger or two on him and the vet put a finger or two on him and he stayed put! It was amazing!! He got his shots and that was that. Learning to work with your muse is just like that. You can only hold her by not holding her.

Here’s what I mean:

The cat squirming out of you hands and climbing to the top of your head is the same as when your muse only wants to draw when you can’t.

The cat staying put on the table with only your two fingers helping it stay there is the same as when you draw regularly and your muse accepts the invitation and joins you.

So that is how a muse is like a cat!

Carol Rosinski

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I'm an artist, author, and teaching artist. I've been writing about drawing on this website since 1999 and drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I love teaching others how to draw too.
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