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My site,, is old. I started with just a few pages nearly ten years ago and now there are over one hundred pages of content. (To be truthful, I’m not sure how many pages there are but I know it’s well over one hundred.) Navigation around the site can be tricky and it’s getting worse as I add more pages. I’ve decided that a complete overhaul is in order. I’ll be working on that for the next month at least. I’m not really looking forward to this, but it must be done.

I’m getting together the first issue of Toad Hollow’s Newsletter, too. And I’m working on another free drawing lesson. So stay tuned, it’s all going to get bigger and better.

About Carol

I’m an artist, author, and teaching artist. I’ve been writing about drawing on this website since 1999 and drawing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I love teaching others how to draw too.

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