Drawing in Process – Flowerpot Step Five

Flower Pot Shadows

Flower Pot Shadows

I worked on the pot and its shadow last night. I darkened the shadow it’s casting, rearranged the “shaping” shadows on its body, darkened and added detail to the inside, and added little details to the outside.

I think I’m stalling for time on this drawing now because I’m not sure what to put on the seed packet. The only seed packet I have on hand has a little cat holding a knife and fork on it. (The seeds are for “cat” grass … the kind you grow on your windowsill for them.) Anyway, I’d like the packet to have flowers or vegetables on it and not a cat. LOL … since the image will be so small you won’t be able to see it clearly, if I put the cat on it, it may look like I’m planting cats!

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