A Wishing Stone

Wishing Stone

Wishing Stone

This is a “wishing stone.” I made it by painting the Rune that means “seed” or “beginning” on a seed-shaped rock and tied it in a small tree in early Spring.

I love all the symbols of promise and hope that came to be as I made the Stone, and some of them come through in the drawing too.

When I see it, I make a wish.

I always wish I had more drawing ideas queued up in my mind ready to go. I usually have one or two ideas at a time, and that’s really all I need, but there’s little part of me who’s afraid I’ll run out someday.

Wishing Stone Updates:

  • I did learn to trust that there is always a new  drawing idea waiting for me after I finish the current one. So, my stone works.
  • It’s been four years since I tied the wishing stone in that tree and it’s still there, even though the tree has grown and we’ve moved. We haven’t sold the land and have let it turn wild, so only the animals who pass by see the stone now, but I’m sure they have wishes too.
  • There’s something else I needed to learn from this stone too. I understand now that when I face the world with an open heart, everything is art.






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2 Responses to A Wishing Stone

  1. I do like this drawing and the reasoning behind it. The detail is wonderful. And congratulations on your new book. As an art educator I’m sure it will be a useful addition to my library.

  2. Thanks Jeanette!

    I’ve had lots of comments on the Wishing Stone. I have one in our back meadow and I made a wish on it just the other day. I’m still waiting to see if it comes true. :)


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