Roots – WIP a Little Farther Along

Here’s where I am on Roots. As you can see, I’m working in the details using small squares. To do that I cut small squares out of paper (masks) and place them around an area to draw. Masks keep me focused on one area at a time so I can get all the tiny little details in the right place. I probably won’t use the masks to draw the borders of this drawing because I want to invent various shapes and shadings as I create it.

I found this drawing when the leaves were still around and I felt a call to look for a representation of “sanctuary.” I wandered around and took several photos but didn’t feel as though I’d caught the feeling in any of them. Then, just as I gave up, this tree with her roots exposed seemed like the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. As soon as I gave up my rational and systematic search for a scene that expressed an emotion, I found what I was really looking for.

This tree’s roots are embracing those leaves, and there’s a lovely bare spot to sit snuggled up to her trunk right between them, if you are a small creature.

Roots WIP

Roots WIP

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  1. Lene says:

    hi Carol
    what a wonderful and detailed drawing. I am glad to see you feel better and draw again. Actually I didn’t know you had a blog !!! – I’ve looked at your website often and in the DrawingClub of cause.

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