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Found Things

The best way to become very good at drawing is to draw nearly everyday, but finding something to draw is challenging sometimes. Some days time is too short to walk around until inspiration hits. On other days, inspiration needs a little push to get started. If you have a menagerie of drawing subjects to choose from at times like these though, drawing suddenly becomes easier to work into your schedule.

Creating a drawing stash is simple to do. When you’re out for a walk, pick up small things like stones, snail shells, feathers, interesting sticks, nuts, seeds, and pods. Hunt for neat things to draw at garage sales and re-sell shops too. Candle stick holders, small vases, teapots, and white ceramic knick knacks make great drawing subjects. (Anything made of white ceramic is particularly good for drawing. Try it for yourself and see what I mean.)

If your shelves are already full, store your cache in a plastic storage tub. Take it from one who knows, opening that tub on a cold February day that seems to have no drawing potential in it is like lifting the lid of a treasure chest full of jewels. And anything that makes it easier to practice drawing will make you a better artist too.

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