My Muse, The Snail

My Muse is slow.

My Muse Is Slow

My Muse is slow and does not lead where I think we should go.

My Muse is a snail! She enjoys drawing so much that she stays with each image as long as she can, and it doesn’t matter to her where all this is going as long as I love where I am now.

Several years ago, when Joseph Campbell told us to “follow our bliss” I tried to, but I didn’t know what bliss was. I thought it was the powerful feeling associated with taking charge of my life and guiding it to one success after another,  but that wasn’t it at all.

Now I know bliss is loving where I am so much that I linger over each moment like I’m eating a sweet red strawberry. Each. Bite. Is. So. Sweet!

This is genuine bliss, the real deal, deep soul love.

Bliss out people, C.

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