What To Draw Part 2 – Easy Scenes

I’ve decided to expand last week’s post about finding things to draw in a couple areas so that you’ll never have a excuse for not drawing. :)

One of the easiest ways to find something to draw is to draw what’s right in front of you. This exercise gives your sense of perspective a hardy workout too, since the objects very close to you will be a lot larger than those farther away.

Here are some examples of scenes I’ve drawn that were right in front of me.

Billy And Closet

Billy And Closet

This is my cat Billy lying on top of me, with blankets underneath him, and our closet with bifold doors in the background.

It was drawn on an iPod with the Harmonious drawing app.

It was very early in the morning and the lighting made everything look flat, so I added color to perk it up.

Please notice that various parts of Billy’s face are drawn in odd positions. That’s because he kept moving his head and I just drew each part as it was at the moment.

(I do a lot of drawing on the iPod when I can’t sleep, and I don’t care that much about correct placement or proportion when I’m sleepy. It’s kind of liberating.)

Molly at Night

Molly at Night

And this drawing is my cat Molly beside me on the bed. It was drawn on my iPod with the same drawing app.

This time there was a lot less light though. Low light drawings are particularly challenging, and are excellent opportunities to sharpen your observational skills, because you have to focus on what you can and can’t see.


Teepee Boot

And finally, here’s my foot wearing a teepee boot.

It was evening when I drew this, instead of some strange hour of the night, so the lighting was normal for a change.

This is another iPod drawing, but this time I used PaintMagic.

Other right-in-front-of-you scenes might even include your sketchbook since you can see it too. And in the drawing of your sketchbook, you might draw another sketchbook and so on like a mirror reflecting your drawing into infinity. Or you can just stop at one reality if you’re short on time. :)

The next post in the “what to draw” series will be about drawing from your imagination.

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