Sprout – Organic Form Drawing Transformed Into 3D Fantasy

Sprout - a balancing act.

Sprout – a balancing act.

I’d been visualizing the organic form drawn for the April 25th post as a ball of seeds that are split and sprouting. It seemed like an interesting and draw-able idea, so I put my pencil to it. To my surprise though, a large sprout emerged that changed everything.

The large sprout (with legs) on the upper left suddenly became the focus. The rest of the drawing now needed to support that one element by balancing the overall shape while carrying the theme.

You can see in this first scan how I tried to find a combination of root shapes and split seeds that would support the large sprout.

Sprout - 3D form and fantasy.

Sprout – 3D form and fantasy.

And in this scan of the finished drawing, you can see (I hope) that I worked out a kind of balance and the general theme now supports the larger sprout’s story. This drawing is not perfect, but it was definitely worth doing.

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2 Responses to Sprout – Organic Form Drawing Transformed Into 3D Fantasy

  1. Marvin Cline says:

    Thank you Carol for your relentless pursuit at teaching us new methods to explore this wonderful art. As always I look forward to your next lesson. Mac

    • Carol says:

      Thanks Mac! Relentless describes both my teaching and drawing methods. I never have and never will give up trying to do either of those things. :)

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