Draw A Wild Flower With Simple Shapes

Wild Flower Guidelines

Wild Flower Guidelines

Stem And Petal Guidelines

You can draw simple flowers with circles and ovals too. You can see how to do that here.

This wild flower (Spring Beauty) has five petals on each flower and they change angles as they go around the stem. As you draw the petal guidelines, try to imagine that they are angling away from you, first to the left at the top, and the last flower angles to the right. Notice that the flowers get gradually larger as they go down the stem. Draw the guidelines very lightly. (They’re dark here so you can see them better.)

There are a few flower buds at the top of the stem. They get smaller in size as they curl toward the stem.

Wild Flower Line Drawing

Wild Flower Line Drawing

Petals And Buds

Each petal starts at a single point at the center of the flower, and ends in a point. Notice where they overlap.

Attach the all the bud bottoms to the main stem with single line stems.

The three flowers on the left are angled so that we catch of glimpse of their cupped shaped bud bottoms.

The flowers in the two top buds to the upper right have emerged from their casings but aren’t fully bloomed yet. Separate the casings from the flowers with small curved lines.

Flower Details

Flower Details


Use the plastic eraser to erase the petal guidelines.

Each petal has two very light lines that run along the length, so very lightly add those now.

Use the tip of the pencil to add fine dots in the middle of each open flower for their stamens.

Add a little shading with the tip of the pencil to the dark green parts of the buds and bud bottoms. The stem is a very light green and doesn’t get any fill value.

I drew this Spring Beauty wild flower while sitting in the woods behind our house. It’s not an exact replica of the flower I found in the woods, but you’re “allowed” to make little adjustments when you sketch in the field. I left out a few details but included enough characteristics so that I’d be able to identify this flower by referring to the drawing.

Drawing Supplies Needed:

HB pencil
Plastic (or vinyl) eraser
Drawing a marked “smooth.”